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Which is your option? – 35 (or) 65

We know that humans can’t live without Breathing, Eating & Drinking. Additionally, today we can’t live without Searching, Chatting & Sharing – We are in the Smart Phone Revolution.



By the end of 2015, Mobile search conquers around 65% of total online users, which was currently about 60% in Google alone. Desktop users are shrinking down to 35% of the entire planet.

And now the question is before you: Where would you like to place your business – 35 (or) 65?

Your desktop friendly website which requires a lot of scrolling & boring navigations for mobile users would make them leave your website immediately. It’s a fast paced digital world. After a few years, all the Smartphone users will be dropping the websites too, and hang up in different app stores.

Before 80’s & 90’s there is no need of a website for any business. But after the year 2000 & especially from the last 5 years, websites became the prominent identity of any business. The Smartphone Revolution created a massive impact on search results. It means that each business should have a mobile website (or) app to lead the business digitally.

If your business is running with a website compatible only for desktop users, then you are serving a Spicy restaurant in the heart of Sahara desert & waiting for the customers to get engaged.

Just a simple blog post by Google, made 4% immediate rise in new mobile websites even before its mobile-friendly algorithm get launched. It clearly explores what the kind of impact it created for all businesses. Now, Google officially informed that non mobile-friendly websites are pulled out of its mobile search after the newly launched mobile-friendly algorithm. Even if you are investing dollars in marketing without having the plans on catching the mobile users today, then you will be alone locked in a dark forest for years.

Your website which is now serving only for desktop users is not at the safe end. To survive in the digital world, your website should be responsive to all devices.

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