Meeting a Growing Trend With Mobile Site Offerings

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Take a walk down a busy street or sit for a while in a restaurant or coffee shop. If you count the number of people who pull out a smartphone or other mobile device, you’re likely to hit a dozen or even twenty in short order. You probably don’t need statistics to tell you that… Read more »

How to Create a HTML Sitemap in Joomla 2.5

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HTML Sitemap

An HTML sitemap is like a table of contents of your entire site. It’s not just the menu page you display to your users, but an in-depth look at every page, image, and other addition to your site. Perhaps the best way to explain it is this: If the menu of your homepage is like… Read more »

Building an Ecommerce Site with Joomla

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Did you know you can create a Joomla ecommerce site from scratch without a ton of programming? In fact, if you have some of the prep work taken care of, you can have an ecommerce store up and running in a single day. To launch your own store or brand, follow these steps to create… Read more »

Why Does my Site Need to Be Responsive?

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You know that saying about pleasing all of the people all of the time? We all know it’s impossible, but that doesn’t keep us from trying. What happens when you tweak the saying a little bit; how about pleasing all of the devices all of the time? What does a responsive layout have to do… Read more »