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The landing page is the way you communicate with the users or visitors and convert them as potential leads for your business. Coming to the various aspects to be considered for creating a landing page it is very important to keep the Google algorithm in mind before starting the designing process.

usjf landing page

Landing Page Title:

The page title for the landing pages should directly relate to what the visitor can expect from the landing page. You can consider including the relevant keyword in the title and the services offered, all within 55 characters limit. It is recommended to have a long tail keyword based title tag to the landing page.

Landing Page Content:

It is essential not to stuff the landing page with the keyword laden content and huge description on the services offered. Few important points on the services would suffice to get the visitors attention. Client testimonial can be included, but not too many, in the top fold of the landing page. An attractive banner or image would speak a volume on your service. Make use of different sizes for the heading tags (h1 to h6), and attract the visitor with the best combination of colors.

Call-To-Action (CTA) Form:

We recommend having more than one CTA buttons, keep the proximity in mind. Be wary of the information solicited from the visitor. Asking too many would result in more abandon rate. You could leave some of the information requested as optional. The Call To Action Button should be prominent and very precise to what you would provide the visitor with. The labels such as “Submit”, “Click”, etc should be avoided. “Download ebook” and “Get your Quote” are some of the examples. A landing page can be linked on your own website itself. Try to reduce bounce rate in landing page for that you can make your visitor to read more, do more on your page. Contact details such as number, Email id and mailing address should be presented at the relevant location.

Thank You Page:

This is where the lead lands on once they submit their information in the landing page. You could inform the lead on when they could receive the requested service, document, etc in the Thank You page. It is more important to place the social media sharing button that helps the lead to directly land on social media page. You also give a link to other pages of your website that you may think useful to the lead.

A/B Testing:

A/B testing takes a vital role in landing page design and engaging the audiences in different approaches. After completing the two different landing pages, it is recommended to conduct the A/B testing by using both the landing pages for your marketing campaigns. Once you get hold of the metrics from both the landing pages you would get a fair idea of which landing page performs better. You could tweak the better performing landing page and see the results.

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