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In this blog we are going to have a look at the interesting facts about WordPress probably most of the users don’t know.

WordPress is a content management system.

WordPress takes the maximum market share of the content management system – nearly 59.3% of the market share is held by WordPress. All other content management systems share the rest of the market respectively.

Do you know WordPress search in Google gives user’s 1.6 Billion results?

WordPress 4.6 latest version has been downloaded 3.8 Million times.

WordPress powers a whopping 17 Million websites worldwide.


Hard to Ignore SEO and SEM Facts and Statistics (1)


There are many advantages and benefits which make WordPress a most used popular content management system, we here share few WordPress offers that attract users.

  • WordPress offers 46,291 free plugins.
  • WordPress gives 4,081 free themes.
  • Users write about 69.8 Millions new posts in WordPress monthly.
  • More than 542 Million words per day are written in WordPress Blogs.

The growth of page views across blogs on

  • The page view of blogs on on July 2013 was 11.2 Billion.
  • The page view of blogs on on July 2014 was 15.8 Billion.
  • The page view of blogs on on July 2015 was 19.8 Billion.
  • The page view of blogs on on July 2016 was 22.2 Billion.

Theme Forest is company produce themes for WordPress. It is the most popular theme design and development company which makes more profit on WordPress themes.

Notable WordPress companies

Automattic is the parent company of The company has 490+ employees and Automattic raised $ 190.6 Million from 15 investors during 9 years. (

Envato is the company that produces WordPress themes and plugins. The company has 180+ employees in Australia and 80 contractors in the rest of the world. (

WP Engine, it is a hosted services provider, specifically tailored to WordPress website and apps. The company has 313 employees and it raised $ 40.712 Million from 9 investors during 5 years. (

WordPress is also used by Top celebrities

JAY-Z is an American rapper and businessman. He is one of the best-selling musicians, he is using WordPress. (

Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, actor, radio host, author, and activist. He is using WordPress for this personal branding website. (

Sir Thomas John Woodward OBE, also known by his stage name Tom Jones, is a Welsh singer. He is running his own website on WordPress. (

Kobe Bean Bryant is an American retired professional basketball player and businessman. He is using WordPress on his own website. (

Michael Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone is an American actor, filmmaker, and screenwriter. He is using WordPress on his own website. (

Most popular website that using WordPress listed below under different categories, 

Mass media website

Reuters (

The Wall Street Journal (

Forbes (

The New York Times (

Harvard Business Review (

Technologies and Blogs website

Mashable (

Digg (

Boing Boing (

Tech Crunch (


Brands and Companies website

Samsung (

Star Wars (

PlayStation (

Coca-Cola (

Mercedes-Benz (


There are thousands of themes and plugins available for free under different categories such as best selling, top rated and top free.

Hope this article is useful to you, we have list few interesting facts here if you have any interesting points about WordPress please mention it in the comment box.



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