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Google voice search is a latest technology that is a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the voice and transferred into words. This conversion of data is processed by text-to-speech technique where the machine understands the voice and it is powerful to answer even a complicate question.


Google Voice Search is followed by Apple’s Siri, Window’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa. Few others are also tapping this technology for their own voice search feature. The brands are also planning to provide a single answer rather than giving a list of search results.

Voice search affects your SEO:

Yes, in future people start using voice searches effectively where it will give a right answer for the question. Take a look below on the important steps to be considered for complying with the voice search.

Schema optimization:

The schema is the markup language and an add-on in HTML coding in the webpage. It is used to help the search engine understand the text behind the web page. It is a better way to understand the content by the search bot.

Optimize Feeds:

Use XML sitemap to help search engine to get answers to the frequently asking questions such as direction, location, products, opening times and prices etc. Nearly 40% of the adults use voice search for finding the directions or a business nearby.

Humanized Content:

Basically, people used to start their search queries such as what, where, when and why are mostly used phrase which helps the NLP to transferred the words to provide best result. So this kind of phrase is considered as humanized phrase. With this kind of search request the search engine finds the web page that matches and answers will be displayed to the users.

Quicker search result:

Voice search is increasing day by day and more complicated questions are used in the query. So it’s our duty to support search engine to get an easy answer with FAQ section into website using XML site map. This helps the search engine to fetch the data directly from the sitemap and reported to the user quickly.

This kind of voice searching technology is used in most industries before the search engine activates. For a good example TV manufacturing companies started to invest in voice based technologies now; it is the time for the digital world to invest money and time in voice based technology.

“We have to control the future; else, search engine and machine learning technologies control us”


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