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The Search Engine algorithms are responsible for the search results we see for the queries. As we all know Google Search Engine is the #1 search engine in the web, the ultimate aim or goal of Google team is to provide faster, relevant and best answers for all the search terms or keywords. Ben Gomes Vice – president of Google Search is responsible for the updates and perfect result in text, image and in voice.

To provide the best user experience and result google team always works on new updates.


Top Algorithm used in Search:

Listed below are the top Google algorithms providing better experience for the end-user.

  • Panda Algorithm
  • Penguin Algorithm
  • Hummingbird Algorithm
  • Pigeon  Algorithm

Google Panda Algorithm:

Panda Algorithm is named after the Google Engineer Biswanath Panda and it’s been in use since 2011. Panda filters the low quality or thin sites and bring the higher quality websites at the top of the search results.

Google Panda deals with many issues keep following the article.


In 1996 Bill Gates said “Content is King”, and it is ruling the digital marketing. Fresh And unique content is always highly preferred by the Google Search engine to provide new updated results to the users. Practicing on long content will help to engage the visitors and avoids bounce rate on the website.

If the content is not unique or duplicate content is present in your website then the website will be penalized by Google Panda.

Quality Score:

Panda Concentrate on the Quality score of your website and it is derived based on the keyword and the relevant website content.

Page Speed:

Panda Algorithm also has its role in Page loading time or Page speed. There are many free SEO tools such as helps to get the page loading time and errors if any in the website.

Others Benefits:

Panda Algorithm also cares on the user experience, user interface, functionality, and information architecture of the website.

Prevent from Penalizing:

If you follow the Google Guidelines properly, your website will be ranked accordingly and failing this the website will be penalized.

Google Penguin Algorithm:

Penguin Algorithm was released on 2014 April, where Google Panda deals websites spamming the search results using the inbound links obtained through Black-Hat SEO. After the penguin updates the entire world of Link Building was changed, the below mentioned key points leads to penalty.

  • Link schemes
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Over-optimization
  • Unnatural links

Link schemes:

This is the widely followed practice in earlier days of SEO. However after the update of Penguin algorithm unwanted link juices were targeted and penalized by the Penguin. In recent day link scheme are not that much focused due to the Penguin.

Keyword stuffing:

One of the worst techniques used in the SEO. Matt Cutts, vice president Google Search warned to not stuff keyword in your webpage. Penguin is designed to crawl all the webpage and deep links and if stuffing of keywords found that the website will end up penalized.

Over Optimization:

This is explained by KISSmetrics “SEO is Awesome but too much of SEO will be resulted in Over-Optimization”. This also affects the result and penalized by Penguin. So we recommended bringing link naturally by White-Hat SEO practices.

Unnatural Links:

Unnatural link or irrelevant links are not useful for the users and even to google search engine. It leads to some irrelevant website which users not interested in. Penguin penalized the websites which has this kind of unnatural or irrelevant links.

Relation between Panda & Penguin:

Panda takes place when you use low quality content and duplicate content in websites. Alternative penguin takes place when you promote the low-quality content of unnatural links to your website. This is the basic relation with two big algorithms of Google Search Engine.

How to avoid Penguin Attack:

Search Engine Watch shared a case study on how to earn natural links and how to avoid unnatural links with proper step by step instruction. Hope it will help you to get a basic idea about the process. In general unwanted link juices or spam links should be avoided to prevent from untoward actions.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm:

This algorithm was released after Panda and Penguin; in 2013 the first launch of the Hummingbird was seen. The algorithm deals with the semantic search results and provides the best possible and swift result for the users.

The 70% search begins with Keywords search and hummingbird works on how to fetch the result page by using a process called auction. It deals with quality score such as relevancy of keywords and website content. It brings more than 200 new updates on hummingbird update.

Hummingbird encourages long tail keywords and after the hummingbird update the new trend of using long tail keyword is widely seen. Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Frog mentioned in his blog post that 91% of traffic to his website is only by long-tail keywords.

Conversational Search:

A survey says 44% of the markets use long tail search terms. Keyword is not only the important factor alternatively there are few important cases such as that the landing page should satisfy the user question. For instance, if a person searches for “Joomla Migration services in Dallas” your landing page should have the relevant content in the first part of the content on the landing page.

For keyword analysis, we recommend “Google Keyword Planner” that is easy and simple to choose keywords for your business conversation. A small tip is to choose a keyword with long tail, low bid, and decent search queries more than 1000 per month.

Google Pigeon Algorithm:

Pigeon Algorithm Update rolled out in 2014 with first Panda Launch. This new Pigeon algorithm entirely deals with the local business searches. It is considered as the traditional method to get local search results with good ranking signals.

This update helps local search and local search engines such as,

  • Yelp
  • Open Table
  • Trip Advisor
  • Urban Spoon

The above mentioned local search engine gives better results if you are looking for anything in your area. For the search like, hospital, hotels, coffee the site owners highly benefited with local search engine result. It displays the business name, business services, and products too. A verified business will be listed in the Google Maps.


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