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Before we start with Google Tag Manager, let us discuss what Google tag is and why it is used.

Google Tag

Google Tag is a snippet code that used to send the information about the user to the third party such as Google. In the absence of Google Tag Manager you have to add the snippet directly to coding file in website or mobile app.
The Tag manager helps to add, edit and remove of snippet codes at any time without making changes in the website codes.

And then you have to know about Container Tag,

Container Tag is the code used in the web development for tracking, this helps to avoid the need of adding multiple code on every page on the site. The benefit of this container tag is using the same code on all the web pages.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free tool used by the digital marketers and webmasters to get instant track record for website. It includes Conversion Tracking, Site Analytics, and Remarketing. This is very simple to install just by few clicks. Google Tag Manager helps to edit, add and remove the required Google track code without interrupting the web development code.

It is a tag management tool to help you with quick and easy. The tags and code snippet is present on both mobile app and the website. It is used for marketing traffic analysis and marketing optimization; it helps you to update Adwords, floodlight, and Google analytics in a single place. It reduces the error and helps to be independent of a developer for tag configuration.

How to start with Google Tag Manager

Setup for Website

To manage tags using Tag Manager:

  • Go to to create an account (for Free)
  • Create a container.
  • Add the container snippet to your website.
  • Change, Add and Remove the Source code with Google Tag Manager.

Tag Manager for Mobile App

Using Tag Manager for Mobile App, the following can be handled quite easily:

  • Ads serving
  • Banner size
  • Ad Position
  • Game Setting
  • User Interface
  • Location and language

Setup for Mobile Apps

  • Go to to create an account.
  • Create a container for your app
  • Download and implement the Tag Manager for Mobile SDK.
  • Enjoy Migrate, add, and remove code quick and easy.

Hope you got the idea about Google Tag Manager and how to implement it in your website code. Enjoy the free tool that helps monitoring all your marketing record in a single account. Sign up today!


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