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Increasing the visibility of website in search engine plays a huge role in the digital marketing activities. There are hundreds of technologies implemented with website and off the website to increase the traffic to the website.However, as new competitors entering the marketing are playing well with the help of their search experts. Are you stuck on increase the visibility of your website on the search engines? Read on how to get your website result in top 5 positions.

Increase website visibility on search engines


Improve the tags

Tags are most important elements in the SEO, it help the search engine to understand what the page is all about and serves in the SERP result page. In the tags concentrate more on the Page title, Meta Description and Meta keywords. It should be optimized within the given character length and keywords must be implemented in the title and description for the better result.

The title should be unique for each and every page present / published in the website to avoid traffic loss and duplication issues with search engine.

Use long tail keywords to search your website and understand the users and prepare the keywords that may be used by the potential visitor and customers to your website.

Search Engine Friendly

We have to help the search bots to crawl your website easily so it can be displayed in SERP result page within short time period. The websites that are not properly optimized for navigation will surely face the music with the web presence. It is advised to use a HTML Sitemap to help the search bots.

An easy navigation method should be used to overcome the entire problem. So that bots index all the page and visit helps in improving traffic to your website.

We have to check the java script used in the webpage to find whether any page is blocked from indexing by the search spider / bot. If any page is prevented from being indexed then we need to look into it.

Key factor to increase visibility

There are many methods followed in Search market to improve the visibility. Marketing your valuable content which answers the reads / customers question by itself is highly preferred. A good quality article will help to generate huge amount of traffic.

There are several business directories available for all the industry. Select top performing directories and registering in that will also help generating good inbound links.

Links sharing in social site like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and others are highly useful to get quality links which helps to display website links with social links.

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