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Howdy, it is really an interesting topic everyone used to confuse with. Before getting into the details you have be to clear with basic different between these two topics. Both the mobile website and app are accessed with the help of handheld electronic devices such as Smartphone (iPhone, Android and blackberry)

A mobile website is specifically designed for small screens with touch screen capability. It is designed to access by all kinds of mobile browsers such as Safari, Chrome, etc. When a user inputs the URL, server automatically redirects to the mobile version of that website. It may consist of text content, image and video is possible. An additional feature like Click-to-Call button and map marker for location can be used.

Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps

Likewise a mobile app is an application designed for mobile devices which can be downloaded and installed from app markets such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Blackberry App World. It used to pull the content and data from the internet, some app can also fetch the data to be used without the internet connection.

Mobile app without a mobile website works or not?

It is one of the difficult questions among many business owners, but it depends on the end goal of your process. If you are developing a game, yes app is a best choice for you in same time if you’re making a site with content helps to reach number of audiences then mobile website is preferable. For some business like online shopping it is important to have both app and website to cover all kinds of audiences.

In general, when a particular action that you offer is not working in the major web browser, it leads to develop an app to have an own place for our own ideas and action to be performed. So always a mobile website is more preferable. A mobile app can be accessed by the people who are using the respected operating system in which app is developed. But a mobile website can be accessed with any kind of web browser.

Advantage in both app and website

Click-to-Call: It is used to help the customers/visitors to call your business by just tapping a call button from both website and app.

Click-to-Map: This is used for getting a proper navigation and address with the help of the customers GPS devices on both website and app.

Social sharing: It is designed for the users to share content from the app and a website with their friends and followers.

Mobile commerce: It is the latest technology which helps the users to buy directly from your online store with apps and website.

Mobile Website

Mobile App(application)

It helps to get new customer/visitors. It helps to get the customer back.
This provider’s customer with one way communication (customer side) This is two side communication, both customer and business admin take place.
E-commerce is applicable E-commerce is applicable
It is possible to get visible by user search by type URL. It is possible to get opened with just a tap on app icon in Smartphone desktop
Responsive in all mobile devices. Responsive in all mobile devices
Less in cost. Reasonable cost.
Easy to maintain. Expert’s services required to maintain.

As mentioned above, website is easy to get discovered by the users rather than a mobile app such as gaming or banking app is used by the particular community audiences. Thinking about Mobile Website or Mobile Apps suite your business, contact us to discuss and get your free technical support.

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