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A survey of 300 top content marketing specialists shows that they are using online video marketing to promote their products/services globally.

Content Marketing is growing very fast, video marketing is the future of the content market. Video Marketing is more attracted form of content to be understood by the targeted audiences very easily. The marketing content is converted into a script or storyboard. This form of videos is popularly shared in many social site and ads site. Nowadays it is possible to watch video in most of the top Social Media websites and applications.

Online Video Marketing is the future of content marketing

Every year, there is an increase of 43% in the marketing budget and the online video marketing process. The top brands use a popular site for the video promotion such as YouTube and Vimeo. The video content are promoted on the on social sites like Facebook, twitter and Vine. In the fast moving technological world, it is very important to reach our targeted audiences in the right time.

Video Content Preparation Technique:

After people understand the importance of video marketing technique there comes the rise of the storyteller and a storyboard writer in an attractive way. The storyteller is a person who understands the concept and importance of the products and services to what storyboard is prepared. The image is used to ease understanding of the content, so the image auto capturing and text is used to produce a visual treat for the targeted audiences. More attractive video have more attention and has potential to spread virally all over the world.

Proper usage of image, sound and text in the video is recommended and a survey explains us that the traffic to the video marketing in 2014 was 54 % and expected to reach over 80% in 2019, because the benefit of the video content marketing is more effective than other forms of online marketing practices.

More than 24% of brand uses online video to market their products all around the world. Nearly 64% of the consumers will buy products after watching the video about the product in 2017. Then 74% of internet traffic will be for video as surveyed in 2015. As per the survey taken online video marketing is more important on using the digital marketing of various products and services.

Usage of Video in Landing Page:

Video in landing page increases the traffic and the possibility of converting visitor into business in 2017 as per a top technology services provider. So it is recommended to use video with a proper / attractive storyboard to help your visitor understand your services easily. In digital marketing, brand promotion, content marketing and visual marketing online videos with relevant images and best storyboard will be generating more traffic.


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