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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a technique in Internet Marketing that used in the promotion of website by different methods such as paid or organic. The Search Engine Marketing deals with paid ads and paid promotion. Best search engine marketing techniques practiced widely are:

Search Engine Marketing

• Paid placement
• Paid inclusion
• Shopping search
• Video search ads
• Local search ads
• Product listing ads

Paid Placement:

Paid Placement is a process of listing ads or grantee in the result page for the targeted keyword used. The competition and position are based on the bid used by the advertiser.

Paid inclusion:

It is a search engine product used to index the page by search engine, this helps to increase the popularity of the website and decrease the time taken for the search. It highly used for the controversial.

Shopping search:

The shopping search helps in product sales, here we recommended top 3 search engine for the shopping engine.

Google Shopping (CPC):
More than 5 million through Google shopping search and most of the search for retail search.

Shopzilla (CPC):
It is a paid search engine for shopping this have an easier biding section from $0.00 with biding tools available for free. Shopzilla is a third largest search engine for shopping.

PriceGrabber (CPC):
PriceGrabber is the second largest search engine for shopping next to Google shopping. It allows comparison of products prices and this website offers lowest prices for bid such as 0.01$. This has an added advantage of sending the products listing to Yahoo shopping search engine also.

Video search ads:

Video search engine is a web based search engine that crawl the web for video content. Many search engines offer this facility; some will crawl and fetch the data from the web. Alternatively, few search engines allow the user to directly upload in their web server. It allows the users to search by length, Meta data, thumbnail and tags used in it.

Local search ads:

Local search is a specialized search engine used for particular locations. The advantage of local search that helps the user to search with different search terms such as city name, street name, country, postal code and much more. So it is highly recommended to the location business owners.

Product listing ads:

Product listing ads are Cost per click ads (CPC). Online merchants purchase these ads from Adwords. These ads listed on the Google search result page on the left and on top of the results. For the specific keywords this ad will be displayed and on based on the number of click, the cost will be charged by the advertiser.

SEO Benefits in SEM:

It is very helpful to build the website SEO friendly and optimized the content, Meta tags, tags, images and URLs will increase the ROI of the business. If perfect steps followed it will result high rank in SERPs result page.

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