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An estimated 37,000 websites are hacked or infested with malware every day. But, how do you know if your website has been hacked? There are several signs and signals you could notice if your website is hacked. For instance, website will perform erroneously for a given feature; read on to find the other indications.

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Fake antivirus messages

You will notice fake antivirus messages when the website is opened and the security software start scanning the website. Likewise in website when you enter the home page you will be redirected to some other page that has not been created yet.

The page will not load and page not found error message will be given in the result page.

Compromised cPanel or FTP account password

If you are unable to login as an Administrator or access through FTP one can presume it’s been hacked. This is the issue found widely in most of the hacked website.


jQuery is the popular java script used in the library. This kind of jQuery coding are popular among hacker, this code is very easy to inject in the head of the CMS coding powered by Joomla and WordPress. At the first glance it is not easy to identify that the website is hacked or not this simple code lead to irregular functions of the website. The hacked website leads to other hacked website domain.

There are nearly 70 Million websites hacked by injecting the jQuery codes. These codes take shortest time of 10 millisecond to start the execution process. This function encodes special characters like: (, / ? : @ & = + $ #).

Fixing the hacked website

If your website functions erratically immediate change the Administrator and FTP login credentials. We suggest a complete scan of the website using a secure anti-malware application. Ensure the files are not hidden and blocked for scanning so the entire file system will be scanned and cleaned.

How to avoid loss on hacked website

We highly recommend taking back up of the website frequently to avoid rebuilding the website and loss of data. In the event of website hack or malware the clean website can be always restored. You could instruct your web host to backup the website regularly as additional safety measure.

Can’t Login to Admin Panel

This is a hugely common problem with the hacked website especially that uses a CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, etc.

There are two basic methods to solve this such as.

  1. Use phpMyAdmin or Adminer to directly enter into the data section.
  2. Edit the email ID and use password restore feature to bring back your login control.

How to Keep the Website safe

  1. Change the login credentials frequently and keep it unique.
  2. Upgrade the CMS for the website with the latest version.
  3. Update all the programs used on your hosting account.
  4. Update Software on your local computer.
  5. Run a malware or virus scan on your local machine regularly.

Your shared hosting service would be able to assist you in case of the hacked website.

If you need any assistance in clearing the hack or malware from your website, you may contact and our experts will quickly restore the website.


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