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Social Media Advertising is a major mode of advertisement followed by top digital marketers, to reach high quality targeted audiences. Social Media Ads involved in Paid promotion of brand or products as required. There are numerous social medium available in market but we are going to discuss about the top 4 social media that helps business owner to reach right people at right time.

  1. Linkedin
  2. Twitter
  3. Google +
  4. FaceBook

The above mentioned social media are the popular and result oriented social media sites used for advertising. Social media advertising is considered as a great tactic to generate high quality inbound traffic toward the business website.


One of the major advantage of using LinkedIn is it consists of professional of all business and technology sectors. Your ads in LinkedIn are more frequently seen by the business people or technical professionals within the community.

In LinkedIn it is possible to run a campaign as the requirement like targeted employee, job seekers, business owners, organization, and demographics based on location. 65% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn and 91% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to reach their audiences. 40% of B2B buyers stated that researching prospective vendors on LinkedIn was important


Twitter is one of the smartest ways to promote ads, today all people from president to a jobseeker use twitter for various benefits of sharing and utilizing shared details. It is a short text with a powerful (#) hash tag, it is simple and similar to the Keyword targeting in Google Adwords.

Twitter helps the advertiser to target the audiences with effective methods such as location, gender, device, language, keywords, interest and much more. It is possible to promote our business B2B, B2C, 85% of B2B marketers use Twitter and 50% of B2B marketers see Twitter as an effective social media channel. 53% of businesses in the information and communication verticals reported the highest rate of blog and micro blog (Twitter) usage


Google+ is a Social Network Platform of Google. It is very hard to imagine the search industry without Google search engine. There are 300 million active users per month on Google + that is a biggest advantage for running an ad campaign in Google+ Network. The beauty of Google+ business page is, if your post any update of your company will be reflected in the SEO benefit of your organization.

It is possible to target audiences such as followers, industry, language, devices and much more. Post Ads button helps to run your ad in Google Display Network it is direct ad which don’t required any other website click to display your ads. There is no cost for impressions, the advertiser is only charged on clicks on the ads. If you’re thinking Google + help to reach your right audiences then you can run the ad with the good marketing tactics.


Facebook hold the world largest user based social site with 1.19 billion registered users. Facebook is used by all kind of people so it is preferred in both professional and commercial sector by the business owners. It offers a cost effective Ads campaigns and it is possible to run ad by spending just a dollar a day. This is the ultimate reason why Facebook hold large amount of advertiser around the world.

Facebook offer different modes of targeting audiences on running a campaign such as Location, Gender, Likes/Interest, Education and workplaces. It helps to find the right audiences for the right content of ad you promote. Even Facebook allows A/B testing for your ads with the quality information of the ad and the leads it generates, with the report your can able to finalize the best performing ad for the campaign your running.


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