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Google SEO Tools:

Google currently offers numerous high performing SEO Tools, such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Adwords and Keyword Planner, etc. Most of the products offered by Google are widely used by the beginners as well as the SEO experts in the industry.

It helps the users to get a proper report on the website and the status, such as traffic, clicks and conversions etc.

With the help of Search Console users can get all the information about the website contents, links, and indexing status, crawl errors, etc.

Best Practices for Structuring Search Engine Friendly URLs (2)

LXR Marketplace:

This is a place where a small business owner can make use of SEO, SEM, PPC and ecommerce tools. It has tools like broken link finder, keyword performances checker and competitor webpage monitor tools and more for free.

It is highly used by small business owners to monitor the SEO results.

HubSpot’s Website Grader:

It is used for various benefits main for the analysis of performances, mobile friendly check, mobile readiness, and security. It is also widely used in SEO where it checks for the website from the perspective of both the human and bots. The tool gives you detailed information on the page title and Meta tags.


Woorank is among the top SEO tools used by the digital marketers and SEO professionals. It provides an in-depth analysis of the website completely from the title to robot.txt. Woorank lists down the non-indexed page details, crawling error and many other errors founded in the website.

It covers the following aspects and provides us with the required reports:

1. Marketing Checklist
2. SEO
3. Mobile
4. Usability
5. Technologies
6. Social
7. Local
8. Visitors


It is a tool used to find the unique content present in the website. Popularly known as plagiarism checker used to check website duplication on your website, it is a simple to use tool. All you need is just enter your website URL and click “go” it will show the duplicate contents with the source.


Pingdom is a tool used to check the loading speed of the website. It helps get a clear view on web page loading time, website loading time and the factors affecting the loading time.


It is a tool used to find the back link data, this is a power full tool used to have complete data of the backlinks and referring domain links and other link towards your website. We can get data such as how many links from.Gov, .Edu, and other site.

Monitoring the incoming traffic from the links is made easy with the tool.


MOZ is a tool plus plug-in / extension used in web browsers such as chrome and Firefox. It helps monitoring the page rank, page authority, page root links and several other factors.


This is one of the most used SEO tools among the SEO experts. It provides information about the keywords used and traffic generated by the keywords in both organic and paid. Also provides data about ads and ad copy used with targeted keywords. It also allows the user to know about the back links and number of domain referred to the user domain. SEMrush helps to get details about Competitor intelligence.


A popular and common tool used for the keyword analysis, it gives ideas on the keywords used in search queries. Get detailed reports on the keywords, bid strategy to be employed and the negative search terms.

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