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E-commerce is on the rise, with the increasing potential for selling the products online the extension and plug-ins are flooding the businesses. A leading Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla tends to have numerous extensions targeting the online shopping solutions.

The businesses use different extension available in market that suits their activities. But, what are the top Joomla extensions for online shopping websites? Listed below are the top 5 extensions that are most sought after and used in the Joomla e-commerce services.

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1. VirtueMart
2. Eshop
3. MijoShop
4. redSHOP
5. HikaShop


VirtueMart is top most extension used by the Joomla developer worldwide because it is open source and easily customizable. Due to the features it carries and the benefits offer it is loved by the developers around the world. With the clear architecture and easy to understandable aspects it can be customized by the developers as required. The updated versions released by VirtueMart supports all the Joomla 3.x websites. And, it is completely free in cost.


Eshop is a powerful Joomla extension for online shopping. This ecommerce extension is mobile responsive and it is design under the Joomla MVC structured with the user friendly and customizable features. It is a pre-designed extension that you can simply install, add products, and enable payment, shipping and launch the website for sales. This extension allows multi language and 45+ payment gateways providers’ worldwide Joomla users keep happy. Regular sales report can be updated in high quality. It is capable for Joomla version 2.5 to 3.X.


It is another leading Joomla e-commerce extension which is widely used by the developers, which is available with a strong e-commerce’s base. It has good user friendly architecture. MijoShop provide a better admin interface to the site owners to have a large amount of operations in admin panel. This extension has regular update that meet the ever changing ecommerce requirement. Regular updates are available for MijoShop. It is very popular among the site owners due to several advantages. MijoShop is being used in the entire Joomla version from 1.5 to 3.X. but we recommended you to upgrade your Joomla website to 3.5 latest update.


This is an attractive web shop packed with number of features for the Joomla developers. It helps to build the website with little knowledge on HTML and CSS. It allows the developer to include hundreds of templates and plugin’s as required in pro subscription of this extension. This extension is available for Joomla 3.X websites.


HikaShop is on top of developer community recent days. This extension has some additional features on making the best experiences to the users such as multi-vendor, powerful analytics, responsive design, and layout variations. On building Joomla online shopping website HikaShop extension play a vital role and it support all the version of the Joomla CMS from 1.5 to 3.X latest version. It helps site owner to reduce usage third party extensions.

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