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The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source initiative backed by Google; it is used to allow any publishers to have a page load quickly on mobile devices. It was initially announced on Oct 7, 2015 and now with the support of Google, Twitter, WordPress and much more site who are in the field of publishing take place in the search result. Read more »

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Google Webmaster Tool (GWT) is a valuable asset for the Webmasters to get regular updates on all the actions that take place in the website. GWT helps the Webmasters in detecting and fixing the issues found on the website. Google Webmaster Tool has been rechristened as Google Search Console since May 2015. Read more »

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The forum is the place where the professionals, experts across various fields share their views and ideas with the one whom looking for that. In Joomla there are numerous Joomla Forum Extensions are available. This helps the developers and site owners to support their visitors and users to discuss on an issue or a topic brief without any inconveniences. The top 3 Extension for setting up a Forum in Joomla are: Read more »

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The landing page is the way you communicate with the users or visitors and convert them as potential leads for your business. Coming to the various aspects to be considered for creating a landing page it is very important to keep the Google algorithm in mind before starting the designing process. Read more »